Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Music From Down-Under: Ganga Giri

I've recently moved to Australia and have fallen in love with a local band here in Melbourne called Ganga Giri. My first weekend here, a friend of mine, Ben Erickson (Elysian Artists), put me in touch with Ganga, who's a good friend of his. I had seen Ganga Giri at one of my favorite festivals, Joshua Tree Music Festival, last year and loved their high-energy, fun performance. I ended up going to Ganga's house here in Melbourne for a BBQ and felt instantly at home in his loving, accepting group of friends, even though I'm American! :)

A few weeks ago, I got to see Ganga's band live at a Sustainable Living Festival in Federation Square. I helped out selling CDs and could see how much love this city has for the band. The band has a beautiful, full sound driven by Ganga on a didgeridoo backed up by an awesome dance beat. If you like tribal dance music with a unique twist, check them out!

On a side note, and because I love promoting all my friends' art as much as possible, notice the cute little outfit I'm wearing - custom-made Onesie by Warrior Within Designs, founded by my one of my best friends, Jen Fritz, who, of course, is also friends with Ganga (the circle of friends goes round and round, even with a giant expanse of water between us!)

Ganga Giri has several great albums out, but check out his most recent one, Raising It Up.
Click here to listen and download on iTunes.

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