Thursday, March 18, 2010

Amy's New Portfolio Website - Just Launched!

After months of development, I have finally launched my new portfolio website! I've pretty much have had it done for a while, the launch just kept getting pushed to the back burner because of a bunch of other projects. Also, relocating to Australia this past month or so has occupied a lot of my time.

I put a lot of thought into the illustrations and design of my new website. I wanted to reflect the positive and uplifting mentality that I've been striving for in my career and personal life. After researching and thinking through what type of image I thought would best show this, I selected the image of a bird taking flight off from a tree branch. I researched many birds, their traits and size, and felt a swift would best represent me. The tree branch is drawn from a tree in my parents back yard.

I wanted the the color scheme of my design to be light and airy like a sky to help reinforce the feeling of 'taking flight'. I also used all organic shapes and lines to help give the feeling of flexibly and freedom. I build the site in simple HTML in Dreamweaver, using images I created in Adobe Illustrator. I drew the header illustration in pencil, scanned it, and edited it in Photoshop.

For the sake of launching the site, I included only a handful of images for my portfolio. I have a lot more pieces to add which I'll do soon, expanding my gallery with several more categories within my two galleries. I struggled a bit to figure out how to simply my portfolio pieces since I have such a wide range of projects I've done and mediums that I've used. I decided to keep it really basic and divide up my work by design and illustration. The design section includes logos, graphic design, and website design. The illustration section includes many of my design pieces that include some of my best custom illustrations. There's a big overlap between the two sections. I also felt it crucial to add a note on my gallery pages to also view my work on Blooming Footprint's website. Really, the amount of work I've produced the last couple years is rather overwhelming when trying to select the best for my portfolio. :)

New Portfolio Website:

Blooming Footprint Website:

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