Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ganga Giri - New Album: Good Voodoo

There’s nothing more Australian to me than a Ganga Giri show. Their performance is a mix of hearthumping dance beats and traditional Didgeridu playing. To see this beautifully diverse band is a unique and powerful experience. I went to their album launch party on May 13th for “Good Voodoo”, an excellent follow up to their previous seven albums. The party was rocking with lots of fans and friends who couldn’t stand still at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. This band attracts of a lot of followers globally and a solid core crew in Australia. Attending their launch party was very special as I’ve grown close to these guys over the last year since moving to this awesome country. Knowing Ganga, Jornick, and the rest of the band has been a highlight of my life here as the Indigenous Australian music connects me to the unique and special history of this country.

Download a free track from the new album here.

More about Ganga Giri on their website here.

Ganga Giri on Facebook.

Amy Kliever, Creative Director, Blooming Footprint
Melbourne, Australia