Thursday, March 17, 2011

Album Releases This Week - SuperDre & Govinda

Big week of music with 2 clients dropping new tunes on the world. In both instances we wrote the official press releases, assisted with social media and coordinated the press/blogger outreach. Check out exclusive tracks released and get to know a little more about these 2 amazing artists!

Electronic Violinist & Composer Govinda Unveils New Album “Universal On Switch”
In constant pursuit of his gypsy roots, Govinda has opened his ears to music from around the world to produce this rhythmic, multi-layered masterpiece.

Govinda's newest album 'Universal On Switch', available worldwide on iTunes is an amazing blend of Eastern melodies, heart felt vocal passages, dirty basses and wobbly electronic sounds laced with hauntingly seductive violin melodies. The tracks take you on a journey of sounds and lyrics formed from dreams while dabbling in the mumblings of an ancient far away mystical world. The music combines sensual violin textures contrasted by dirty synth and wobbly bass lines that blur the lines between the provocative, the spiritual, and the artistic.

Check out "Hungry" by Govinda here.


SuperDre (aka Dre) has been extra busy as of late running her boutique label Bass Candi, spending long nights in the studio and playing to sold out crowds opening for major Nationals across the country. Her hip-hop influenced, minimal tech house sound is prevalent on her debut EP "Follow The Fro" tis not available on iTunes and creates that live environment experience, while the tracks are sonically rooted initiating those earth-shaking party grooves Dre is known for.

Dre continues serving up her distinctive brand while sharing the stage with acts like Slum Village, The Cool Kids and D12, Filastine, Ana Sia, Heavygrinder, Punisher and Terrence Parker. She was personally invited by Bassnectar to play his SOLD OUT Atlanta NYE shows, the OFFICIAL after party as well as to support his 2011 West Coast tour. Still active in the underground scene, Dre continues appearing at festivals, warehouse parties and after hours events where it all began.

Check out "Ghetto Circus" by SuperDre here.

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