Monday, March 22, 2010

Music Down-Under: Pixies

I was lucky enough to get to see the Pixies on Saturday night here in Melbourne at the Festival Hall. The experience was amazing! Such a solid, fun, snappy show and those Australians LOVED it. And no wonder, in the 34 years since the band started (minus the 11 years of separation), they have only been to AU once before in 2007. Tempers would run high if someone was in the way of another fan with enthusiastic dancing. I heard one guy yell "I paid $200 and waited 10 years to come to this show!" It was incredible to feel the energy and passion these Aussies have for the Pixies.

Being a tad too young to have enjoyed them in Chapter 1 of their career since they formed in 1986, it was a delight to discover now just how unique and special this band is. They have been influential of alternative rock that us later generations have enjoyed. Each song was super short with concise and sharp composition of intense, deep lyrics and emotionally provoking music. They performed their 1989 'Doolittle' album live, enhanced by beautiful, authentic visuals displayed on the screen behind them. Each song had coordinating photos and video in sepia tones; some with select lyrics displayed.

The Festival Hall was packed to the gills with eager fans that didn't allow the show to end. The band ended up coming back on stage twice for encores after much stamping and chatting from the crowd. I think my personal favorite aspect of the show was Kim Deal's bass playing and singing. She's a strong female musician one can respect, holding her own in an all-male band for so long and uber-talented to boot. I never considered learning to play bass until I saw her play.

There's a rumor the Pixies will be going back into the studio this year to do a new album. I can't wait to hear what fresh music will come out of their long history and years of experience. In the meantime, we can get their new release, Minotaur, a box set of their previous albums. Presales start July 15th.

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