Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beyond Vegetarian: The Vegan Diet

Deborah Crooks, a singer/songwriter and freelance writer, from FYI Nutrition contacted Amy regarding an article she was writing on a vegan and raw food diets.

This was submitted by Amy...
"After a life-time of eating poorly and sporadically, becoming vegan about a year and half ago has improved my life and health dramatically. It began with a girlfriend loaning me the book, Skinny Bitch, which completely grossed me out about the food I had been eating and I was intrigued. I went on to do more research in the food industry and it's effect on the economy and the environment. To continue supporting the meat and dairy industries made me feel sick, so it was a very easy transition to completely stop eating those products. It became a fun, exciting challenge to view my body as a temple that I needed to fuel with only healthy, organic food. I thought twice about everything I bought at the grocery store and ordered at a restaurant, familiarizing myself with every ingredient. I feel and look great and another major bonus is I haven't gotten a cold or flu since I became vegan, something I used to be very prone to."

Check out the full article, featuring a couple quotes from Amy here.

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