Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Echo Park - Music Weekend Recap

This past weekend I spent some time in Los Angeles, specifically Echo Park, where I got to experience just a snippet of the amazing unique music scene LA has to offer.

To start, we attended Camchella. You read that right CAMchella, a birthday bash for a guy named Cam, clearly inspired by Coachella but remains a small private music festival in the hills of Echo Park and is attended by friends of Cam & the bands. This isn't your typical music location...instead the stage setup is outside at the back of the driveway and people spread out dancing where cars should be parked and line up on stairs to get a second story view.

Dirt Nap at Camchella
The lineup of course is all local bands that are most likely connected to Cam in one way or another. I never even met Cam so who's to say! :) My sole purpose of attending this event was to watch an acoustical performance by Dirt Nap aka David Dennis, the lead singer from Voxhaul Broadcast and also happens to be my bother's roommate. David's powerful vocals filled the neighborhood as he played brand new songs he's been working on these past few months. Trust me if I could share the songs I would! But unfortunately this music is so new, it's yet to be recorded so stay tuned to see when the tracks will be available to the public.

All in all I would say that was the most unique birthday party I've ever been to and a great way to hear some local bands for free! I even witnessed some neighbors having their own gatherings on their rooftops enjoying the show from afar. Thank you Cam for hosting one hell of a birthday party and for letting me be a guest.
KITTEN at Bootleg with Set List. Photo courtesy of @russmclovin.
My final night in LA, we went to Bootleg Theater to catch KITTEN's last residency performance for free. My brother has been seeing KITTEN forever & swears that was the largest crowd yet & I don't question it seeing as I had barely enough elbow room to rock out. KITTEN got up on stage fearless & immediately rocked out with hair whips, belting, jumping up & down off speakers & getting the crowd going. Did I mention she was barefoot the whole time? She even asked the crowd multiple times 'Will you catch me?' before she jumped backwards off the stage crowd surfing. Let me tell you this girl can put on show! Even if you never heard her music before she will get you dancing in no time and playing a cover for 'Like a Prayer' mid set definitely helped too. My brother has said it multiple times but after seeing it in person I can confidently agree this band is going places. The best part, they have time on their side seeing as she is only 17 & already filling up live venues!

Check out some of KITTEN's official music videos here and if you're ever in the LA area be sure to look up shows for KITTEN and Voxhaul Broadcast, I promise they will not disappoint!

Tip: Visit KITTEN's official website to download "Cut it Out" & "Sugar" for free!

~ @LAByram

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