Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have You Updated Your Twitter Banner Image Yet?

Twitter is now allowing you to jazz up your profile page by adding a header image similar to Facebook and Google+ to further drive home your brand.

It is a very simple process...
  1. Check out the spec page to gather the right size images
  2. Then go to Settings > Design > Change Header (under the 'Customize' section)
  3. Upload your new header & move to scale it
  4. Set your 'Background' and 'Link Color' to match
  5. Update your profile pic if it does not match (Settings > Profile > Change Photo)
Your new header image appears behind your profile pic along with your bio, location and website so just do your best to choose pictures that work together to help build your brand for your followers.

Here are some examples of our newly re-vamped Twitter header & some of our clients...
Blooming Footprint
Canopy Parking
Expresso Parking
Green Parking Council
Harmony Yoga

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