Thursday, September 13, 2012

On the road with BoomBox

 We love it when our band clients visit our home state, so when BoomBox came to town, the Blooming Footprint team decided to hop on tour with them for their latest Colorado run. Our first stop was at The Eldo in Crested Butte, an intimate venue tucked deep in the Rockies with a true wild-west feel. The energy from the sold-out crowd turned The Eldo into an extremely steamy dance party. BoomBox opened the evening with Mr. Boogie Man and played a mellow set that, never the less, kept fans bopping all night. Musical highlights included Stereo which has been re-introduced into BoomBox's live catalog and ignited a full-crowd sing-along, Kool Aid Smile, and dark and dirty Shakedown Street. BoomBox was joined by painter John Bukaty who painted this beautiful depiction of the band during the show.

The next night, BoomBox was off to Carbondale where they played at PAC3, a new venue that was converted from a school to a theater. As ambitious as we are, the Blooming Footprint crew decided to opt out of this journey west to rest up for the following evening. However the report from fans was that BoomBox played a beautiful version of their new song Dream. Keith Brooks made a recording of the song's Colorado debut at State Bridge Amphitheater last July, which can be downloaded from BoomBox's SoundCloud here.     

We reconvened at The Boulder Theater on Friday and were greeted by another, much larger sold-out crowd. Opener Ramona got the the dance floor buzzing by throwing down an uptempo "new beat" set. By the time BoomBox took the stage the audience was beyond ready to boogie with them. Little did we know that we were in for one of the most exciting sets the band has played in Colorado, in our humble opinion. The set list included (in no particular order) Planetary Mirror, House Jam, Dream, Diry Red Penny (a new, un-released track), and Me and My Baby.  Notable moments included one of the best versions of Drum Dub that we have seen from BoomBox and a bum-rush of the stage by excited fans during Stereo at the end of the set. 

Our last stop was The Mishawaka Amphitheater where we were treated to a camp site on the famous island behind the stage. We set up camp and moseyed over to the amphitheater in time to catch Octopus Nebula play an etherial mixture of ambient, acid jazz and rock and roll. BoomBox once again rocked out a high-energy set playing favorites like Shakedown Street, Koolaid Smile, Dirty Red Penny, Drum Dub, and closed out the weekend with WantedMuch thanks to our photographers Brian Brace with 303 Photograpy, Joel Meaders and Keith Brooks for providing excellent shots of the weekend.

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