Monday, December 19, 2011

It All Started With A #FollowFriday

Trista Sutter was the runner-up on season 1 of the ABC reality TV show The Bachelor, before becoming the star of the first season of its companion show The Bachelorette. She has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and Fear Factor. Why does Trista have anything to do with our lives...because she lives in Vail, CO and is an avid Twitter user of course ; )

Sweet Basil restaurant, located in the Vail Village, has been a Social Media Marketing (SMM) client of ours. We got their Twitter account all suped up and because they are a staple of Vail, had Vail locals and visitors conversing with us...including Trista!

So it was a Friday and we always make sure all of our clients participate in Follow Friday (#FF, #FollowFriday). Follow Friday is a way to give shout-outs to tweeple (Twitter-People) who have helped you out with re-posts or mentions during the week. So we gave a shout-out to Trista and guess what...she actually got back to us!

So after that exchange, we became Twitter friends. And because Trista is asked about all things Vail, she is always willing to throw out a Sweet Basil recommendation...

Most recently Trista re-posted a tweet of ours highlighting a Sweet Basil staple, their famous Toffee Pudding...

And it was re-tweeted by Nestle...

Now that's what we're talking about!

Thanks to Trista, Nestle and all the supports of Sweet Basil. Trust us, if you're in Vail, you need to go try it out!

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