Friday, December 2, 2011

New Logo for Antique Shop

Harper's Bizarre Logo Just Launched!

The historic W.W. Harper Pools & Spa had to get creative to stay afloat in a declining pool market. So they decided to use their prime location store space to advantage. They converted it to an antique and collectibles shop, selling hand-picked items from estate and yard sales. Ranging from the funky, to the unique, to the bizarre, this store stands out in the mass of antique stores in downtown Bakersfield.

Harper Pools neon sign is a infamous landmark in Bakersfield so the owners wanted their Harper's Bizarre logo to be similar to associate the two. But they wanted their own spin on it to go along with their tagline ‘Funky Antiques & Collectibles.’ We kept the existing sign elements of the palm tree with waves and added an old wooden trunk floating in the foreground. This represents the idea that Harper Bizarre is a treasure chest of found objects.

We are happy with the result and wish the best for Harper's holiday shopping season and brand growth in the years to come!

Address: 2400 K Street, Bakersfield, CA 93301 (map)

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