Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tips to Setting Up Your Social Platforms

Since we work along side many brands, we are constantly helping our frustrated clients get their existing Social Media accounts in order or we simply take over setting them up. We figured we'd share this play-by-play to help anyone else out there who might be confused about all this.

Linking Facebook to Twitter....
Are you sick of posting on Facebook and Twitter? Here is a little trick to help save you time and energy. Anything you post on Facebook will show up automatically on Twitter, with a link to that specific Facebook post...encouraging Twitter fans to follow you on Facebook too!
- Be sure you are logged in as your brand in Twitter before you start
- Go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/twitter/
- Click, "Link to Twitter"...go thru flow and you should be set up

Adding an Admin to Your Google+ Biz Page...
We are still not sure why we need to be on Google+, but better safe then sorry. You can enlist the help of your staff or other band members by making then Admins to help add content and keep the machine rolling.
- Log in to your personal Google+ profile
- Look for new navigation on left side
- Click "MORE" at the bottom and look for "PAGES"
- All pages you are an admin of will come up
- Hover over "Switch to this page" and "Settings" & "Managers" come up
- Click "Manager" and add new person by email

Using ArtistData to Auto-Create Facebook Events...
This is a great tool for touring bands if you are having to manually add your show dates in multiple places. Use ArtistData and you only have to do this one time for your website and Facebook!
- Login to your ArtistData account
- You must have upcoming show dates added to your profile
- Go to "Tools" in top navigation
- Click "Social Networks"
- Click "Facebook" on left navigation
- "Update Event Calendar"...click to activate
- We also like to have "Status updates for Pages" active...sends day or show reminders automatically
- Don't forget, you can also add your "Tour Date widget" to your website, blog or anywhere else you can embed html.

Claiming Your Venue on Foursquare...
When you claim your venue, you're asking to become the manger of the venue. Then you'll be able to edit title ad address info, view analytics and offer specials.
- Create a personal account for your business on Foursquare i.e. Blooming Footprint
- Go to your venue's Foursquare page
- The URL of your venue will look like www.foursquare.com/venue/xxxx
- Search Foursquare for your business and while on the venue page, click on the link: "Do you manage this venue? Claim here."
NOTE: This link will only appear if the venue is unclaimed. If the venue is already claimed you will need to contact support and request to be added as a manager manually.
- Once you have claimed your venue you can begin to manage your venue and create check-in campaigns

Creating A Foursquare Business Page & Add Mangers...
Foursquare offers merchants and venue owners free sets of tools to help you attract new customers and keep your best ones coming back. It's a unique way to stay engaged with your followers no matter where they are!
- Log into your personal account for your business i.e. Blooming Footprint
- Go to https://foursquare.com/business/
- Click on Brands ---> https://foursquare.com/create_page
- You must complete the following before your page will be featured:
*Add a banner
*Add a picture (profile)
*Write a description
*Link to Twitter
*Write 5 tips (about other venues)
- Once you create a business page you can add managers by clicking here https://foursquare.com/settings/managers
- After you create a business page you can embed the "Follow Button" on your site which will increase your following

Creating a Company Profile on LinkedIn...
LinkedIn allows individuals to view the business end of your company, see recent hires and promotions, new job opportunities and company profile updates.
- Join LinkedIn or log in if you already have an account
- Click "Companies" in top navigation
- You can search for your company or click "Add a Company" in the top right under the search box
- Add your Company name and email address at work i.e. name@bloomingfootprint.com
- Click "Continue" then add basic info like description, URL and industry
- You can upload a logo
- Your company profile is now available and you can view the company's followers and activity

Adding Admins to Your Company Profile on LinkedIn...
To become an admin on a Company Page you have to meet certain requirements; new admin must be a LinkedIn member connected to you with a company email address.
- Join LinkedIn or log in if you already have an account
- Click "Companies" in top navigation
- Search for your company and click on it
- Click "Admin tools" on the top right & select "edit"
- In the "Manage Admins" section, type the name of the person you want to add as an Admin
- They will show up, click on them and they will be auto-added
- Click "Publish" in top right & you'll see your page was successfully updated

We hope you find this info helpful when managing your online accounts. If you still feel overwhelmed with all this information feel free to contact us and we can help manage and your brand!

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