Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome to Blooming Footprint!

Amy & Katie have joined forces to create a cutting-edge, comprehensive, brand management firm. After working hand-in-hand on the marketing and PR for the band BLVD, they instantly recognized their like-mindedness and complimentary skill-sets. It became evident that brands, businesses and bands could all benefit from their combined talents and contacts both on & off-line. They had no choice but to jump in feet first!

OK, enough of talking about ourselves in the third person!!

'So what is this all about?' you might be asking yourself. Well, a FOOTPRINT is everything an organization creates both on and off-line that is available for the public to view...logos, websites, social networks, blogs and even messaging. Through the use of dynamic content, social media strategies, campaigns and untraditional outreach, we are able to help any FOOTPRINT BLOOM based on the businesses individual needs and goals.

For more info and even a picture for you visual folks, please check out our official website and our comprehensive list of services. You'll notice a few "Coming Soons", so please check back often. You know Katie is already out there networking, so please become a fan of Blooming Footprint on Facebook and of course, follow us on never know when Amy might make an appearance ; ) We are just rolling all this out today and could use the love!

We want to thank all of you out there for your support of our new endeavor and of course your referrals are always welcome.

Here's to making YOUR footprint bloom!!!
Amy & Katie

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