Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fiji New Years Update: Day 2

First things first. We wanted to get some staples for our stay and heard about a little market place right up the road. The area is called 'Pacific Harbour Cultural Centre and Marketplace' and has a grocery store, a hand full of of clothing and souvenir shops and restaurants. Very convenient if you need anything during your stay.

We got back to the resort and headed to the second pool in our villa area. Taunovo Bay is divided up into 13 villas (about 5 more are currently under construction) that each accommodate 10-12 people. There are 5 private rooms for everyone and there is a shared house with a full state of the art kitchen, living and dining room and rockin' sound system.

Finally it was time to check out the beach. Fiji was hit by a cyclone a few weeks ago and they are still clearing the beached of all the debris, however, the water is just perfect temperature wise. John and I took a walk on Taunovo's privately owned beach to see the sights...

We went to another resort late in the afternoon called Uprising. Had a great time and heard some killer beats.

More tomorrow!

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