Friday, July 22, 2011

Street Food Finds: Cream City Treats (Denver, CO)

One of my favorite summer lunch spots is Civic Center EATS Outdoor Café . Every Tuesday and Thursday, what I consider to be the best of the best Denver food trucks, come out to one location from 11am-2pm. Whenever you need to get some fresh air during your lunch break this is the place to be. Not only do youhave a wide selection of appealing food but it’s fairly cheap as well; and with the backdrop of the State Capitol Building and the Rocky Mountains, life and eating can’t get much better.

I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy a few trucks and their specialty cuisines over the past weeks, and while all of them are delicious, only one in my mind is suitable for the 90° F heat we’ve had in the city. This truck is easily marked by the black and white cow print and goes by the name of Daisy, also known as Cream City Treats. Elisa Salvat is the brilliant creator/chef behind this idea and not only does she make these tasty treats, but she drives Daisy around town and serves to all.

Cream City Treats is not the typical ice cream truck, you won’t find rainbow ice pops here; instead you’ll be completely surprised by the next generation of ice cream sandwiches. Elisa makes homemade whoopie pies and stuffs them with a creamy smooth ice cream that makes for a refreshing dessert. The whoopie has the perfect softness that you would expect from a cake, while the ice cream brings in a cooling element so that after one bite you’re hooked.

Since I attend Civic Center EATS frequently I have had the opportunity to taste a few of Cream City Treat’s menu items, but there is one in particular that keeps me coming back for more, Lemon Pistachio. The lemon pistachio whoopie tastes citrusy yet buttery and salty, and the chopped pistachio pieces take it to the next level. To top it off a lemon curd filling and pistachio ice cream is sandwiched between the lemon pistachio whoppie to make for one flavorsome treat.

To try a tasty treat, be sure to follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter to find out her next location, and look out for her at the next Civic Center EATs or City Park Jazz.

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