Monday, June 6, 2011

Street Food Finds: The Biscuit Bus (Denver, CO)

This past weekend I went to the Cherry Creek Farmer's Market, and this being my first time for the season, I was surprised to see a whole section dedicated to food trucks. In one area, a person could choose from Argentinian food, fresh roasted chili peppers, Southern comfort food, or to satisfy the sweet tooth there’s your choice between cupcakes and homemade ice cream.

That particular day, my stomach lead me towards the The Biscuit Bus. The best way to sum up this food truck is Southern hospitality food at its best. With their friendly service, you quickly forget that you are standing at the bus window ordering food.

After giving the menu a quick glance, I decided to go for something simple and satisfying, a biscuit with buttermilk fried chicken. From the first bite, I knew this chicken biscuit sandwich was superior to those found at some fast food joints. The biscuit was buttery moist and tasted fresh out of the oven, while the chicken offered the perfect balance of crispy texture and juicy flavor to make for one mouthwatering bite. The only thing this meal was missing, was a nice cold glass of milk.

Check out other items featured on The Biscuit Bus Menu including vegetarian gravy options.

This is just the beginning to my street food finds and I’m looking forward to tasting my way through it.

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