Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tanzanian Student Fund - Website Just Launched!

Blooming Footprint is proud to be a part of the Gayle Lyn Kliever Student Fund and happy to announce the launch of it's new website. We have been donating our time and energy to help raise awareness and funds for this worthy cause. The fund is the result of Amy's cousin, Gayle, living and teaching in Tanzania, Africa for five years. She fell in love with the people and culture there and is working hard to help citizens of all ages in this struggling country.

By donating to the fund, one can make a huge difference in a student's life and consequently, the country's economy. A small donation goes a long way (a large donation goes an even longer way! :) And the best part is, they have been able to channel 100% of all donations directly to student scholarships!

To learn more about the fund and make a donation, please visit the website:

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  1. Great Work! Thanks for the wonderful design and the professional work process. Let's hope that more students will be helped because of this. Gayle Kliever