Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Optimize Your Blog for 2010

If you have a brand or a business, you should be blogging. This is one of the best and easiest ways to generate fresh, up to date content for your site and keep people coming back.

1. Find your own niche and try to be as unique as you can. Creative and thought provoking topics create interest and clearly defines who your audience is. You should always blog with your core audience in mind.

2. Use attention grabbing titles and relevant keywords. Anything you can do to grab users attention will help grow your audience. This also includes graphics, video and links you can find to relevant blogs.

3. Comment on popular blogs in your niche to make a name for yourself out there. Link back to the original stories in your own blog to give recognition and share the knowledge.

4. Make sure to have RSS (real simple syndication) and subscription buttons available at the top of your blog in the sidebar. This makes it easy for visitors to subscribe to your content and for your to track them. You will need to add these buttons yourself, but with services like Feedburner, it's not very difficult...mostly a copy and paste job. It's now owned by Google and is available with any Gmail account.

5. Post often and get on a regular schedule. If people are interested in what you have to say, they will appreciate consistency. Post weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, but stick to a schedule.

6. Use your networks to get the word out about your new posts. Market each post on Twitter, Facebook, directories and bookmarking sites.

7. Don't give up. Blogging is sometimes tedious, boring, monotonous and downright draining. Keep your ultimate goal in mind of educating and growing your audience and keep on truckin'.

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